A little Dragonfly history

Dragonfly Event Designs is a multifaceted bundle of services looped through the common theme of Owner, Nikki Marek’s, spirit animal – The Dragonfly. Growing up on an inland lake of Traverse City, Nikki has always admired the power and poise of a dragonfly in flight. Its ability to move in all six directions at an amazing speed with elegance and grace. Nikki takes cues from the dragonfly into her work with all aspects of Dragonfly Event Designs as Creative Planner, Director, Yoga Teacher, Floral Designer and Artist.  She’s been planning events since elementary school and has never looked back. Her keen, creative eye keeps her on point in the design department. Her steadfast organization and calm demeanor puts clients at ease, who commonly remark that Nikki is the best at keeping the process fun, uncomplicated and stress free.