A little Dragonfly history

Dragonfly Event Designs is a partnership between Nikki Kleinrichert and Meagan Batdorff and our supporting staff.  Nikki and Meagan are old childhood friends (like swapping gum and notes, and I mean notes with special folds and “i’s” dotted with hearts and you maxed out at 10 notes per day because of writer’s cramp) and creative collaborators. Growing up in Traverse City together, they were constantly creating and designing – from no-budget backyard play productions to school campaigns and birthday parties. Nikki wins the lifetime achievement award for Best All-Around Creative Planner, Director and Artist.  She’s been planning events since elementary school and has never looked back (with the exception of the brief intermission to raise her three boys). In addition to wedding planning and Day-of Coordination, Nikki is a talented floral designer and a photographer. Given that she’s just one being, she’s focusing her work on planning, Day-of coordination and floral and saves her photography passion for landscapes and photoshoots.  But her keen, creative eye makes her unpassable in the design department. Her steadfast organization and calm demeanor puts clients at ease and clients commonly remark that Nikki is the best at keeping the process fun, uncomplicated and stress free.

Meagan owns and manages Starry Night Barn & Studios in Suttons Bay, MI in addition to Century Farm Cottages and is a reemerging potter.  Meagan is a design and architecture enthusiast, a collector of antique farm anything (it’s not junk!), is all about the details, and revels in the process of staging and set-up. Seeing a plan come to life in 3D experience is a beautiful thing! Meagan loves the design and styling aspects of event planning, the organization and inspiration of pin and design boards, and thrives on blank slates with seedling ideas. In addition to managing SNB and coralling her kids, Meagan collaborates with Nikki on weddings and is excited to take on a few solo.